Thank You
  • To my wife Sherry, mother Brenda, and friend Audrey Rasmussen

    Thanks for the most excellent and mass quantities of homemade food.

  • Ed Edington

    All things web development and feedback, your time and skills have been a blessing for which I'm thankful. Becky, my gratitude for allowing us your husband for countless hours both on and off the course.

  • Mike TenKate

    In hindsight, not sure how we pulled it off in the opening year without your help, your equipment, and your crews, both fire and community related. It’s been a blessing to have your support

  • Finger Lakes Trail managers and keepers (Joe Dabes, Alex and Michele Gonzalez, and Mike TenKate)

    For all of your hard work in not only providing, but also being tolerant of our impact on, some of the most beautiful trail sections around. Couldn’t and wouldn’t happen without your work.

  • Greek Peak Mountain Resort

    Thank you Greek Peak for welcoming us to Hope Lake Park and allowing us passage over Greek Peak terrain. The course would have been quite a bit more redundant and less community-involved without this possibility.

  • Robert Hamm

    For the race logo and continuous off-the-cuff design work, thanks so much Rob, blessing to have your skills and most thankful for your time and inspirations.

  • Nancy Kleinrock and Steve Shaum

    You guys have given countless hours to this event in various forms and I am grateful. Thank you!

  • Over 100 of the most amazing volunteers

    I can't thank you enough for long hours and amazing work. It can't happen without you!