Race Information
Start Time and Place

The Ultras will begin and end at Hope Lake Park, which is located at 2245 Clute Rd (directions below), northeast of the town of Virgil, NY. The 50M/100M start at 6:00 am on Saturday and finish with course cut-offs of 17:20/36 hours at 11:20 pm Saturday/6:00 pm on Sunday.

The 100M Trail Relay will start at 8:00 am, providing time for solo ultra runners to establish their pace and effort. Course closure for the relay will occur at 4:00 pm on Sunday.

The Virgil Crest 50K will start at 8:00 am on Sunday morning with course closure 10 hours later at 6:00 pm.

  • Friday, Sept 19, 2014 - Hope Lake Park, 2245 Clute Rd
    • 3:00 - 8:00 pm - Packet Pick-Up All Races (50K pickup Sunday as well)
    • 5:00 - 7:00 pm - Caloric Loading Session ($12/person)
    • 6:30 pm - Pre-Race Briefing and Drop-Bag Deadline
  • Saturday, Sept 20, 2014 – Hope Lake Park, 2245 Clute Rd
    Hope Lake Park Policies
    • Anyone entering the park must sign the park acknowledgement of risk form.
    • Anyone entering the park must wear a park ID wristband (color coded for meals).
    • The park is a glass free facility.
    • No dogs or pets allowed anywhere on park property.
    • No open flame fires allowed.
    • 5:15 - 5:45 am - Athlete Check-In & Packet Pick-Up
    • 5:45 am - Final Report and Runner Roster at Starting Line
    • 6:00 am - VCU 50M and 100M Solo Ultras start
    • 8:00 am – VCU 100M Relay start
    • 9:00 am – Hope Lake 5K* trail run starts
    • 4:00 - 7:00 pm – BBQ for VCU 50M runners
    • 6:00 pm – Awards/Recognition VCU 50M
    • 11:20 pm - VCU 50M course closure
  • Sunday, Sept 21, 2014 – Hope Lake Park, 2245 Clute Rd
    • 6:00 - 7:45 am - Packet Pick-Up 50K
    • 8:00 am – VCU 50K Start
    • 11:00 am - Athlete/Pacer/Volunteer Brunch begins
    • 12:00 pm - VCU 100M Relay Course Closure
    • 12:00 pm - VCU 100M Awards/Recognition
    • 6:00 pm – VCU 50K & 100M course closure - Course Officially Closed

*Hope Lake 5K Registration at site beginning at 8:15am. If planning to participate, please contact Loreen Geiger (lag19@cornell.edu) with shirt size.

  • VCU 50M and VCU 100M Solo VCU Belt Buckle

    The overall male and female winners will be provided free entry into the VCU 50M/100M in 2012. The top three finishers and top masters will receive custom mugs hand-thrown by Renata Wadsworth. Belt buckles will be awarded to all 100-mile finishers and mugs to all choosing/paying the schwag option. Mugs will be awarded to all finishers unless an individual has paid the baseline "no schwag please" price. If a 100-mile runner drops at the 50-mile mark ahead of the lead 50-mile entrant, the 100-mile runner will be awarded the top 50-mile place.

  • VCU 100M Trail Relay

    An award will provided to the top male, female, and mixed open teams as well as the winning public safety division team at the noon awards ceremony. The top overall team based upon age/sex/handicap will be acknowledged post-race once the splits and results are processed. The following will be used as the handicap criteria for scoring the overall winner: Women 10% and 1% for each year over the age of 40. If we're able, we’ll weight the distances covered by the handicap of the runner. If we’re able to track runners and splits accurately, a team with a woman who covers 56 miles will have the relative advantage over a team whose gal covered only 10 miles. Public Safety Division Teams must have at least 60% of their members be current public safety personnel. We’re not sure whether we’ll be able to pull it off, but we’ll try!

  • VCU 50K

    The overall male and female winners will be provide free entry into either the 50K or 50M in the following year as well as a hand-thrown mug from Renata Wadsworth. All finishers will also receive custom event pint glasses.

Respect for the Land, Race, and Oversight

The American Trail Running Association's Principles of Trail Running Etiquette

Races, especially in their infancy, run a fine line with acceptance and success in the community. Greek Peak Mountain Resort has been overly generous in allowing us access to both the Alpine facilities and trail networks. Community volunteers including those organized as the Finger Lakes Trails Conference have worked hard to cultivate relationships with local land owners and the New York State Parks who have been kind enough to permit trail construction and use. They continue to ensure the responsible use of the amazing public resources available for all for generations to come. Please note that trails are kept in various states of intentional maintenance designed to prevent their use by horses or motorized vehicles. No athlete or volunteer will be permitted in any way to clear trails of rocks, limbs, or other seeming obstructions.

Abuse of these trails and/or private lands may not only result in failure of this event, but more critically in the termination of land grants and thruways that have been secured through hard work. Race directors and volunteers will ensure that garbage bags are available at aid stations and that toilet facilities are present at pre-established locations on the course. Littering from athletes or their crews will not be tolerated and result in immediate disqualification from not only the current race but also those in the future.

Additionally, we all realize the volunteer intensity and supervision that such events require. Organizers most appreciate the assistance of all volunteers and officials. Please be respectful of their presence and assistance.

Relieving Yourself: As with littering, the event relies upon each of us respecting the state and private properties through which the course passes. Through strategically placed Port-a-Pots, or "Groovers," drop-off locations will be available at all aid stations except The Rock Pile. Race organizers ask that athletes take advantage of them where and when possible. If you should take advantage of the purely natural option, please ensure that you are out of sight, that waste is away from water sources and is buried properly, and, most importantly, that you have a great view to enjoy while spending some quality time.

Aid Stations with Groovers (AS - location in miles):

  • Hope Lake – Start/50/Finish
  • Hitching Post – 6.3/44.5/57.1/95.3
  • Hurt Locker - 16.7/34.1/67.5/84.9

Dogs: Per Park policy, dogs are not permitted at Hope Lake Park so if you bring ‘em, they have to stay in the car or off site.

Aid Stations & Drop Bags

There will be 20 aid stations with sections ranging from 4.0 to 6.3 miles. All stations will provide water as well as an electrolyte mix such as GuBrew and latter stations will offer soda, as well as gels while supplies last. Aid station 4 and on will provide increasingly substantial solids from pretzels and bananas to potatoes, soups, and sandwiches. Looking to improve on the inaugural year and based on feedback, we hope to provide hot soup at every aid station after sunset. We hope to lay out the nutritional spread more accurately when able.

Note: Not all Aid Stations will have Gel and there is not enough to sustain everyone throughout the race. If you rely on having it, please plan accordingly.

Drop bags will be accepted for transport to all aid stations. Athletes are required to tie off bags and mark with name, race number, and the name (not number) of the aid station intended. Drop bags must be left at the Pavilion at Hope Lake Park by 19:30 at the conclusion of the pre-race briefing on Friday evening. Drop bags may not return to the finish until later in the afternoon on Sunday.

Cut Offs & Dropping Out

All aid stations will have cut-off times established to ensure that all runners complete the course within time allotments. All runners must be verbally checked-out of each aid station before the cut-off time. Officials will enforce this policy and times indicated in the aid station chart.

Dropping out: Runners not able to complete the race due to physical or mental circumstances or on account of missing cut-offs must check-in solo or aided to the nearest aid station, notify aid station volunteers and turn in their bib number to aid station personnel. This policy is to ensure that all runners are accounted for during the race and is for the safety of all participants. Runners failing to notify race organizers or volunteers of a dropped status or who fail to turn in their bib numbers will not be permitted to return in future years or endeavors. Runners intending but not able to complete the 100-mile distance will be given credit for a 50-mile finish if reaching AS 10. Finish order for the 50-mile will be based on each runner passing through the 50 mile mark. For instance, if a 100-mile runner drops at the 50 mile mark ahead of the lead 50-mile entrant, the 100-mile runner will be awarded the top 50 mile place.

Note: Anticipated dark hours are shaded in blocks on the aid station charts based upon a 36-hour finish time and associated cut-offs. Runners at this pace are advised to have headlamps or flashlights in drop bags marked for AS#8, Cortland 9, or as accurately estimated based upon projected finish time. Some stations may have backup lights or batteries available on a first-come first-served basis, but runners should not expect or rely on them being present or available. Runners are encouraged to plan conservatively in predicting their finish time and ensure that their crew or drop-bags have appropriate supplies available.

Expected day runningExpected night running

Virgil Crest 100-Mile Cut-Off Times
# Aid Station Section
Split Time
Time of Day
1 Hitching Post 6.3 6.3 1:40 1:40 07:40
2 TenKate's Crossing 7.1 13.4 1:55 3:35 09:35
3 TrailsRoc Station 6.6 20.0 2:10 5:45 11:45
4 Rock Pile 5.0 25.0 1:20 7:05 13:05
5 TrailsRoc Station 5.0 30.0 1:30 8:35 14:35
6 TenKate's Crossing 6.6 36.6 2:10 10:45 16:45
7 Hitching Post 7.1 43.7 2:35 13:20 19:20
8 Hope Lake 6.3 50.0 2:25 15:45 21:45
9 Hitching Post 6.3 56.3 1:55 17:40 23:40
10 TenKate's Crossing 7.1 63.4 3:10 20:50 02:50
11 TrailsRoc Station 6.6 70.0 2:50 23:40 05:40
12 Rock Pile 5.0 75.0 2:25 26:05 08:05
13 TrailsRoc Station 5.0 80.0 2:25 28:30 10:30
14 TenKate's Crossing 6.6 86.6 2:55 31:25 13:25
15 Hitching Post 7.1 93.7 2:30 33:55 15:55
16 Hope Lake 6.3 100.0 1:35 36:00 18:00

Virgil Crest 50-Mile Cut-Off Times
# Aid Station Section
Split Time
Time of Day
1 Hitching Post 6.3 6.3 1:40 1:40 07:40
2 TenKate's Crossing 7.1 13.4 1:55 3:35 09:35
3 TrailsRoc Station 6.6 20.0 2:15 5:50 11:50
4 Rock Pile 5.0 25.0 1:25 7:15 13:15
5 TrailsRoc Station 5.0 30.0 1:45 9:00 15:00
6 TenKate's Crossing 6.6 36.6 2:25 11:25 17:25
7 Hitching Post 7.1 43.7 2:45 14:10 20:10
8 Hope Lake 6.3 50.0 2:50 17:00 23:00

Virgil Crest 50-Kilometer Cut-Off Times
# Aid Station Section
Split Time
Time of Day
1 Hitching Post 6.3 6.3 1:40 1:40 09:40
2 TenKate's Crossing 7.1 13.4 1:55 3:35 11:35
3 TenKate's Crossing 4.3 17.4 1:25 5:00 13:00
4 Hitching Post 7.1 24.8 2:45 7:45 15:45
5 Hope Lake/Finish 6.3 31.1 2:45 10:00 18:00

Medical Considerations

All athletes understand that even in the best of fitness, accidents happen and the body may break in any number of ways in the course of competing in a 50- or 100-mile trail race. Athletes taking on the challenge of the Virgil Crest Ultras are indicating that they are experienced enough in endurance racing to make safe decisions over the course of this event. While the race organizers will make efforts to ensure that wilderness search and rescue volunteers are present on the course during the event weekend, athletes should not expect nor rely on medical assistance to be available during the event.

To borrow from Stan Duobinis and the MMT, "you are responsible for your own safety. We do not provide any medical care during the run nor do we perform 'weight checks'. No doctors, nurses, or EMTs are available along the course or at any aid station. In case of an emergency, we will endeavor to get local emergency personnel to an injured runner as soon as possible, but due to the remote location of portions of the course, this could take hours. Many runners finish, or drop out, with bruises and scrapes. This is an event with risks".

Race organizers, volunteers, and search and rescue volunteers retain the right to pull runners from the race if they exhibit unusual amounts of disorientation, confusion, or fatigue. Runners will be permitted monitored recuperation time within aid stations and cut-off times, but must agree to accept the judgment of race officials for the safety of all involved.

If you become lost or consciously disoriented do not wander off of the trail in search of help. Stay put on the trail until another runner or sweep is able to inform the next aid station and until volunteers and/or medical personnel return. First aid boxes will be present at each aid station and will contain a few basic supplies. Please bring any supplies that you envision needing during the race for placement in drop bags, but take only those medications that have been approved by your physician for use under these extreme conditions.

Cortland Regional Medical Center is located in Cortland, N.Y., 30 to 45 minutes by car northwest of Virgil. Take Route 13 North to Cortlandville. Pick up Route 281 North. Follow for approximately 3 miles. Turn right onto West Main Street. Follow for approximately 1/2 mile, the hospital will be on your left. Turn left into the parking lot.

Directions to the Start at Hope Lake Park

2245 Clute Road, Cortland, NY Map

From North on I-81 take exit 10 (McGraw), then Route 11 South for 7 miles, then West on Route 392 for ~4.5 miles. Turn right on Clute Road and proceed uphill to HLP on the left.

From South on I-81 take exit 9 (Marathon), take Route 11 North for 4.1 miles, then West on Route 392 for ~4.5 miles.

From Dryden go east 6 miles on Route 392 to Virgil. Take a right at the main crossroad, staying on Rt. 392 ~2.5 miles to Clute Rd on your left. Greek Peak Alpine Resort on your right is too far.

From Cortland take Route 215 (junction with Route 13 is 2 blocks Southwest of Main St.) South to Virgil. From Virgil take Route 392 East for ~2.5 miles to Clute Rd on your left.


Hope Lake Park has limited parking. We’ll ask that each entrant park only 1 car at Hope Lake space permitting. If you’re able, please park your car in the Greek Peak Mountain Resort main lot on the opposite side of 392 and walk the ½ mile up the hill after unloading. We’ll get you a ride back to your car after the race if needed. Additionally, we ask that each entrant only park 1 car in Hope Lake Park. All other crew cars, etc… should be parked in the Greek Peak lots next to Rt 392. Please do not park in the Hope Lake Lodge parking areas unless staying at the Lodge.

Please observe no-parking signs where present and please insure that no driveway or entrance/exit is blocked to allow emergency vehicle access if needed. Crew and pacers meeting athletes on the course are to ensure that vehicles are parked off of roadways, removed from visible private residences, and commensurate with local traffic regulations. The race is not responsible for traffic fines or the safety of vehicles throughout the duration of the race weekend.

  • Greek Peak Mountain Resort Lodging
    • Greek Peak's Hope Lake Lodge is offering the Ultras a generous discount on lodging for the weekend, make reservations with discount code VIRGILULTRACREST15. The beautiful new Hope Lake Lodge sits adjacent to the start/finish/staging area at Hope Lake Park and has an indoor waterpark for those families who may have children in tow. Rooms accommodate 4,6,8 or 10 people. A pretty good deal for beautiful rooms race-side, so grab some friends and family and enjoy the warm room and hot shower pre and post race. To use discount code reservation must be made by phone at 800-955-2754. To view rooms look at the Online Reservation
  • Cabins
    • Gatherings'/Virgil Resort Cabins - Several cabins located at the Gatherings Restaurant on Rt 392 1.5 miles east of Greek Peak (800-955-2754). These cabins sleep up to six individuals. Tenting around the cabins may be permitted for event weekend, please check in with us regarding this option as we get closer.
    • Buttermilk Falls and Robert H. Treman State Parks in Ithaca
  • Camping
    • Camping is permitted near the start/finish area at Hope Lake Park. Upon arrival, you need to fill out a Camper Registration form. The park is a glass free facility. No dogs or pets allowed anywhere on park property. No open flame fires allowed.
    • Hauck Hill Primitive Camping area - Hauck Hill Rd. between Bleck and Cortwright Rd's on the Finger Lakes Trail Dabes Diversion
    • Country Hills in Marathon, N.Y.
    • Cortland Country Music Park in Cortland, N.Y.
    • Woodchuck Hollow Lean-To is near AS#2 with parking designated on Cortland 9 Rd (Intended for users of the Finger Lakes Trail, first-come/first-served).
    • Foxfire Lean-To is near AS#6 with designated parking on Bleck Rd (Intended for users of the Finger Lakes Trail, first-come/first-served).
  • Hotels

    A good number of hotels and motels are available within 20 minutes of Virgil in most any direction. The following is a link to a Google Hotel search

Sun/Moon and Temperature Data for September 20th, 2014

Sunrise: 6:51 am, Sunset: 7:07 pm (12 hours 16 minutes)
Moon: 12% illumination
Average Low Temp: 50 F, High: 67 F, Mean: 58 F
Average Monthly Precipitation for September: 4.21 inches

Qualifier for the Mont-Blanc
Du Mont-Blanc

Virgil Crest 100 mile (4 points) and 50 mile (2 points) events are qualifiers for the North Face Ultra-Trail Du Mont-Blanc in France.