Welcome to the 2015 Virgil Crest Ultras

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Race Date: Sept 19 - 20, 2015

Race Center: As usual, we will have live race tracking and ability to sign up to receive text messages of runner's progress.

2015 updates are in, go check 'em out!

Course page has been updated

Race page has been updated with cut off charts

Crew page has been updated with aid station charts and crew directions

2014 Results | 2014 Race Photos by Steve Gallow.

The Course: For those of you who know Virgil, you know the course gets tweaked each year as I find new vistas, create new trail, or decide to take out an easy flat stretch in place of more climbing. This year's no different. It would be the easier path of least resistance if I kept the course the same each year, but, this is Virgil and from what I hear, it's not easy. Section maps and overviews to be up by summer.

Course Markings: We had more people miss turns last year than any other year despite the system being the same. My intent this year is to double up on pigtail/mining reflectors. Although it won't be possible everywhere, I'll try to have the next one in view from where you're at. If you can't see one either look more thoroughly or turnaround.

Relays: We want more relays, so register your mom and dad and bring your friends.

Welcome to upstate New York, it’s a beautiful part of the world and it will be great to have you.

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Mobile Website: We also have a mobile site at http://m.virgilcrestultras.com. This site also has live runner tracking and ability to sign up for text updates. Under Race -> Crew are directions to each aid station to help crews on the road.

Headlamp simulator for those of you that can't get enough night running. Click the 'Headlamp' link in the menu bar to view the site as if running at night with a headlamp. To turn off the headlamp click the same link or hit your ESC key. You will need a recent release of your browser to use this feature. Please let us know if you experience any issues...