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The course follows an out-back configuration for each of the distances from Hope Lake to either the Rock Pile turnaround point (50M/100M) or the top of Lift 5 (50k). Entrants in the 100 will have the pleasure of repeating the 50. Total elevation gain for the 50 mile is somewhere around 11k (my mapping software reads mid 12's…but it's always high), doubled for the 100, and about 6,500 for the 50k. Many of the climbs are runnable but unless you're looking to increase your suffering later on, be conservative as it'll add up in short order. As a general rule, if you don't think you'll run it on the return, don't run it on the way out.

Section 1 & 9 - "Gorilla with a pipe and shades": Hope Lake to Hitching Post
50K - Section 1

Section: 6.3 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 1250 foot gain, 1050 foot loss = 200 foot gain

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 6.3; 2nd loop: 56.3; 50K: 6.3

Breakdown: Section one is a bit strung out distance-wise and fairly steady in gradual climbing for about 5 miles followed by a solid and very runnable mile down and half mile of rolling to the AS. Most should carry more than 20 oz. A few spots in this section unfortunately have been post-holed by horses in wet conditions but it's mostly nice single/double track through mixed forest.

Section 2 & 10 - "The Hammerhead Cougar": Hitching Post to TenKate's Crossing
50K - Section 2

Section: 7.1 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 1250 foot gain, 1590 foot loss = 340 foot loss

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 13.4; 2nd loop: 63.4; 50K: 13.4

Breakdown: Section climbs a couple of miles before rolling for another few through Tuller Hill State Forest. Terrain ranges from clear old logging path to tight/dense forest singletrack. The final mile descends along Carson Rd before crossing Rt. 392 into TenKate's Crossing (the fallen in small building is a former Ice Cream circa into the 1970's). Make sure the headlamp has batteries and mind the trail and markers as the trail bobs and weaves in some tight forest through the middle of this section.

Section 3 & 11 - "the Alien Head": TenKate's Crossing to TrailsRoc Station
(*50k Turnaround at top of Lift 5)

Section: 6.6 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 2900 foot gain, 2200 foot loss = 700 foot gain

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 20.0; 2nd loop: 70.0

Breakdown: Section three starts with a creek crossing before beginning the ascent into Virgil's signature section…the Alpine passing which has a few of the longest and/or steepest climbs (descents on the return) on the course. Many will hike them in their entirety so despite being a bit shorter in distance, the time will be equivalent to prior sections. Several of the sections I've either reclaimed from overgrown logging roads, or outright created in the form of new trail so the footing isn't always level and smooth but I try to create it as I'd want to run it so hopefully you like it. You'll get a somewhat switch-backing uphill mile, a new downhill mile which starts on a ski slope then shifts to the woods, an uphill mile on ski slopes, another down, another steep up…you get the point.

Section 4 & 12 - "The Whip": TrailsRoc Station to the Rock Pile

Section: 5.0 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 800 foot gain, 1100 foot loss = 300 foot loss

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 25.0; 2nd loop: 75.0

Breakdown: Section 4 starts with a rolling mile from service road to powerline access road, a mile and half descent along the orange Dabes Diversion, an up to flat mile along forest roads, and ends with a beautiful rolling mile and half singletrack out to the Rock Pile along the orange Dabes Diversion.

Section 5 & 13 - The Rock Pile to TrailsRoc Station

Section: 5.0 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 1100 foot gain, 800 foot loss = 300 foot gain

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 30.0; 2nd loop: 80.0

Breakdown: Reverse Sections 4 and 12.

Section 6 & 14 - TrailsRoc Station to TenKate's Crossing
50K - Section 3

Section: 6.6 miles (50K: 4.3) - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 2200 foot gain, 2900 foot loss = 700 foot loss

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 36.6; 2nd loop: 86.6; 50K: 17.7

Breakdown: Reverse Section 3 and 11.

Section 7 & 15 - TenKate's Crossing to Hitching Post
50K - Section 4

Section: 7.1 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 1590 foot gain, 1250 foot loss = 340 foot gain

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 43.7; 2nd loop: 93.7; 50K 24.8

Breakdown: Reverse Sections 2 and 10.

Section 8 & 16 - Hitching Post to Hope Lake
50K - Section 5

Section: 6.3 miles - Map - Elevation

Elevation: 1050 foot gain, 1250 foot loss = 200 foot loss

Cumulative Mileage: 1st loop: 50.0; 2nd loop: 100.0; 50K: 31.1

Breakdown: Reverse Sections 1 and 9.